We have the right fit for you if you value a company with great workplace culture. If you personally expect a great and respectful workplace culture, this may be the team for you. If you pursue the highest quality work and see your work as a reflection of yourself, this is it. Are you willing to challenge the status quo, and adapt when necessary to get to the finish line while striving to create simplicity where there is complexity? This is just for you.

– You provide system updates at least once a month.
– Your development team spends at least 50% of the time on adding features and direct business value.
– You define and drive metrics that drive accountability
– You organize and maintain code repositories in a central location for all software and websites
– You document versioned software products
– You’re software product development is on-time, scalable, reliable, on budget, and achieves business goals.
– All software products and websites are in line with founders’ vision, and reliably perform their business functions.
– You understand other parts of the company, by seeing things from another department’s perspective, and having the ability to connect the dots, is critical.

– Hands-on development in Javascript, C++, and SQL primarily
– Attend continuous education classes, conferences, etc., to keep your skills up to date with the latest best practices
– Process documentation that keeps our engineering team functioning
– Project management
– Close coaching and mentoring of our engineering team, including code reviews and career development
– Creating the testing process to ensure high quality releases and/or developing automated testing
– Working with cohesively to translate business needs into an engineering roadmap

– At least 5 years experience as a Software Engineer, with heavy focus on Javascript and/or C++.
– At least 3 years experience with a focus on back end work.
– 3+ year of AWS experience is a plus
– 4+ year experience in DevOps is a plus
– 4+ year experience working with any SQL database environment
– At least 2 years experience managing an on-site, full-time team
– At least 2 years experience with .NET, Agile Methodologies, APIs, Product Development, Software Architecture

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $58.00 to $72.00 /hour