We are seeking an experienced web application developer that can work on an engineering team to enhance and support of a product line.

The position entails designing and developing HTML5-based web UI for a product line. The product is a web ui framework that allows developers to create extensions consisting of one or many views that cohesively represent a specific application. These applications may represent a shippable product by themselves, or they may exist as part of a suite/collection of other applications. Potential hires will need to have a significant understanding of usability and user-experience design principles, skill with aesthetic design, and be able to follow stylistic design layouts from existing extensions to maintain a cohesive experience. They may be adding new views, or enhancing existing ones. Eventually, they may be responsible for creating and managing entire extensions on their own.

– Minimum 4 year bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science, or Web Development
– At least 4 years practical web application design and development experience, but consideration given for less experienced applicants who can demonstrate examples of exemplary work.
– In addition to the normal screening interview process, applicants must be able to show actual, functional examples of their work either through internet web site or local host on a laptop.
– Very strong familiarity with REST principles and methods, and using asynchronous communication using deferreds/promises
– Ability to read and understand complex, low-level specifications, and then design and code the UI views to display information, as well as any read/write operations
– Proficiency with JSON, UTF8 and localization principles in web design-
– Experience or strong familiarity with AngularJS (Angular 1.x) is a significant plus. Experience with other frontend frameworks like React, etc are not required but are a plus.
– Strong documentation and analytical skills, and ability to explain and present new ideas or enhancements to management
– Strong debugging skills with browser debuggers (especially Chrome), and using HTTP proxies
– Familiarity with setting up and using local host web servers like apache or nginx
– Self-starter, can work with minimal oversight to meet deadlines and milestones but also be able to work and communicate with other members of engineering teams such as backend developers, technical writers, etc.
– Using and integrating open source libraries like DataTables, chart.JS, lodash etc.
– Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript (ES6+ experience not required but a plus)
– Graphic Design skills with Photoshop and/or Illustrator or similar a plus

Salary: $38.00 to $46.00 /hour